Cêline Paris

Hi. Mmm yeah you can't go on a two day hiatus. It will just continue, and then before you know it has been a week. Well well I am here now.

Okay. Hahahaha ('cause I feel like I need to smile right now, and you too need to smile). So how are you? Anyways, like I have never been that girl that is like huge into bags. Like of course I like my accessories just as much as the next girl. But like what I am saying, like I have never had like a million bags, one I am not rich but two I just haven't had the interest. But like lately I have discovered this whole new world of bags. Okay maybe not that vivid but I have gotten a bigger interest in bags if you say that. Hahaha. Okay but yeah um, so like I saw this picture of this bag from Cêline on my tumblr dashboard and I am just in love! Isn't it gorgeous?! Crazy beautiful. Too bad that my wallet doesn't match my love for it. Hahaha, LOL.

your writer, Erika


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