A Small Piece of Text

Hola guys! How are you? I am good. I just finished watching The Hollow Crown: Richard II. LOL. I didn't know how long that movie would be before I decided to watch it. Well well. It was good and I am going to continue to watch the rest of the series. I have more time to do so now that I have finished the second season of House of Cards. Also, I think that I am going to start watching Doctor Who. At least the first episode just to see what the fuss is all about. Good thing that Netflix have it.

I don't know if I promised you a little short story tonight. (Hmm, I have to check last nigth's post.) Okay, maybe I don't promise you, but in my head I think that I did. Or it was more like, I'll do that tomorrow since I didn't do it tonight. Again, it's too late to write a short story plus I am not in a mood for that. Hahaha. I mean I don't have sentence/ word, a feeling or anything to build a story on. I feel like, to write a good story I have to be in a certain mood. I mean that I have to be in the mood to write a story. When I am forced to write a short story in school I am not always in the mood for it but I still to it because I am under pressure to do so. I always have ideas flowing around in my head so I can always produce something if I just put my mind to it. I just pick a plot like, eenie meenie money mo. (Hahahaha.) When you produce something under pressure/ for someone else you make more of an effort to make it good. Idk.

Anyway, I decided to share something with you guys. Maybe not the necessarily the best thing that I have written, but it's what I am choosing to share with you tonight. I might erase it at some point in the future because I am not entirely sure that I want to share, but I said so (to myself) and therefore I will. Earlier today I remembered that I (years ago) used to share song lyrics that I wrote. On this blog, so if you good back a few years or so you'll find them. (Hahaha.)
Anyway (again) here is a small piece of text that I wrote a few months back:

For the moment I am calm
But I really need to be in your arms
I need you to be mine
I need you, to be fine
It might seem obsessive
But baby you and I have always been messy

Hold me tight
And tell me everything will be alright
Hold me tight
Forever from tonight
Hold me tight just right now
Hold me tight
'Cause I'm not fine

your writer, Erika


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