Hi guys! How are you today? I am good. LOL. After like almost a year I watched Frozen. LOL. I was gonna The Avengers or Thor: The Dark World but then I saw the viaplay had added Frozen. I was like score(!) because I have been waiting for either viaplay or Netflix to add that movie! FINALLY! It was really good. The songs are really good!

How many of you watched 5 Seconds of Summer live at the iTunes festival tonight? I did. Or at least I tried. The video kept freezing! It always happens when I watch the iTunes Festival. Every single year. Okay this is the third year, but still. Well, well. The only artist that I really care about this year is Jessie J, so if it keeps freezing this much during Jessie J I will me mad for real. Now it was just annoying. iTunes please fix that problem. I mean, I other people complaining about the freezing problem. So, um yeah I know that I'm not the problem. LOL.

your writer, Erika


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