Hi guys! So another night, which means another post from me. First I was like, backpacks. I know that VS have a lot of cute ones. But then, as I was look at VS PINK backpacks, why not a Victoria's Secret pep post since VS is opening in Stockholm soon. I don't know when exactly but soon because that's what it says one the banner outside of the store.

Anyway I thought that I would do a VS PEP post just to get everyone in Stockholm (and Sweden for that matter) a little bit more pumped about there finally opening a Victoria's Secret inside of the city and not just at the airport's after the security check-in (BOOOOO!).

Okay I should probably say that I don't know what they will sell exactly in the VS store here in Stockholm. What I am showing you know is just some of my favorites at the moment from their website.

your writer, Erika


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