Hello boys and girls! Hmmm, now was that about me going to blog earlier in the evening and not so late at night. Well. I mean I guess, old ingrown habits are hard to quit. Hahaha. Do you have any bad habits? Hahaha. Of course you do. Everyone have bad habits, maybe you don't see it yourself but just ask anyone close to you and they will know. They might not tell you to spare your feelings but, something will surely pop into their minds.

So what is everyone up to this weekend? I have to study for a screen test that I have for this short film on Monday. Wish me good luck. Wait NO! That's bad luck, pray that I break a leg - that is good luck. Weird, yeah. LOL. It's not that I have plenty of lines. It's just one scene with a few lines but I want to do this right. I want to part. LOL, I just want to act so yeah that is why I want this to do well. I am going to study hard for that but I am probably going to the movies tomorrow.

Idk. My life is really filled with that many obligations at the moment but I find stuff to do. I just finished readying this comprehensive book about Shakespeare. I just thought that it was time to learn more about. I didn't really know much about him before I read this book. I think that I am going to continue with reading a few of his plays. But I also want to read the new Sophie Kinsella book about Becky Brandon, née Bloomwood. Hahaha. My brain is getting exhausted from all this reading. Well, I claim that I want to be an actress so it's not going to get much easier. (But, I do love reading. I just need like a ton of Starbucks to survive.)

your writer, Erika


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