Halloj mina vänner! That was Swedish by the way. I am Swedish so I thought that I would use my own language. Hahaha. So, I guess you have all heard it by now. Four. Yes, are you guys excited? Have you downloaded the new song from their website. It's free so just go ahead and do it. It's their gift to us. Oh, for those of you who have know idea what I am talking about. One Direction posted a video on youtube where they announced their fourth studio album, which is titled Four. It's out on November 17th and you can already pre-order it on iTunes. It's currently number 1 on the Swedish iTunes album chart. Click here to pre-order the album. And you can download the new song, Fireproof here.

OMG! I remember last year when they released Midnight Memories Sony Music Sweden had this fun little event for Swedish Directioners in Kungsträdgården. The skating rink was open (which it was anyway but) and they played a few song from the album, plus you could buy a copy for only 100 kr (I think, I don't remember because I had already pre-ordered the ultimate fan edition of the album from cdon). Plus they and a hot chocolate stand, which was free and you got a little good bag with like this new hot chocolate from Marabou and some new chocolate bar from Marabou. Plus they handed out samples of Our Moment. It was a fun little night.

I am proud of 1D! They have come such a long way in just four years. It's absolutely incredible! They deserve all of the success that they get. I wish them nothing but luck and I am sure that this album will be just as successful as the other three albums!

your writer, Erika


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