New In Stockholm

Hi guys! What is up? Hahaha. It's been a couple of days since I made a real post here. Sorry about that but here I am now with stuff to tell you guys about. Hahaha.

Victoria's Secret have finally opened in Stockholm! Yeah (or nay depending on who you ask)! I mean I am so exited that they finally opened here. I only see the positive in all this. I was there yesterday (opening day). The store is a little small packed with a lot of stuff, or maybe it just seemed that way because there were like a bunch of people in it. The only underwear that they sell is panties and not even their cutest panties. I mean, pretty basic. They do have a BUNCH of bags and cases for you phone, iPad, passport and such. Plus, perfumes, body mists and body lotion's/ body butter's.

That do kind of sound like I am bashing VS but I am really not. I am just trying to tell you guys what the store sell. (Oh, I just remembered that they also sell a little bit of makeup - but not nail polish which made me a little disappointed.) This is not the first VS store in Sweden. I do know that they have VS at Arlanda Airport but that is after security check-in, which is a little sad (that is why I am glad that they finally opened one in the city). I don't know what those stores sell.

On to today (not that there is much to say). I finally got my M&G VIP tag in the mail from Cody Simpson's The Acoustic Sessions European Tour. Yeah! There is one problem tough, I don't know where to put it/ hang it. Hmmmm, maybe I should frame it to protect it.

your writer, Erika


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