Sweet Talker

HELLO GUYS! I AM FREAKING BACK! LOL. It's not that I really went anywhere. I just haven't posted anything the last few days because my laptop charger broke but now I have a new charger (thank to Apple!). My laptop charger broke Sunday night so I called Apple support on Monday because I thought that it might be cover by the Apple Care Protection Plan. They asked my like one million questions because they take every complaint very seriously. Yesterday the guy from Apple called me back and told me that they were going to send me a new one free of charge and today UPS arrived at my doorstep with my new charger. Talk about good customer service. Good job Apple! Good job UPS!

So did anyone watch Jessie J on the iTunes festival on Monday night? I mean (unfortunately)  wasn't there but I watch it on the computer. LOL. I took my mom's computer and downloaded iTunes on it so that I could watch it. I didn't just take it. She said I could do it. I didn't ask, she just said I could but as the good daughter I am I downloaded U2's new album in her iTunes library.

Anyway, Jessie J freaking rocked! She was amazing! The whole show was amazing. Not just her. Her backup band, her backup singers. Her backup singer, damn! Those ladies could sing! Fuck! Her drummer, dayum, that man could sing too. Those new songs from her upcoming album were amazing! I can't stop listening to Burning Up, Ain't Been Done and Sweet Talker.

your writer, Erika


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