Later At Night

Hi guys! How are you? I am good but a little tired. I think that I am going to start blogging earlier. I mean not so late at night. Because like it's the last thing that I do before I go to bed but it's getting like tiring. I mean like sometimes I am really tired and I just want to go to bed but then I am like "Oh, I haven't blogged yet tonight so I can't just go to bed now because I have to blog first." I mean I don't have to. I am not under some contract that says that I have to but I like it. When I first started this blog back in 2007, my goal was to blog at least once per day but that fell apart very quickly. And then soon after I didn't blog for like almost two months. But I also remember that at first I found it really hard to blog about something. Idk, now I am more used to blogging so everything just comes easier. I kind of feel like this my diary (kind of why I don't keep one anymore, because I drain my head of thoughts here, online for the whole world to read) but it's also not my diary because I really do not write very personal things. I feel like I have become more open here. I mean more than I used to be.

I started watching a new show tonight. Okay, I just watched the first episode but it was good and I decided that I am going to continue watching it. It was BBC's Ripper Street. It was really interesting! Have you seen it? I don't even know if I have heard of it before. I just went on Netflix because I wanted to watch something and there it was. The name caught my eye, so I went on youtube to watch a couple of clips to see if it was worth watching. Sad thing though that Netflix only have the first season. Hmm. Eh, I'll find the the second season somewhere.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. BTW the Victoria's Secret store in Stockholm opens on Monday :)


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