Rixton One Day Tour

FISKMÅS! LOL. Hello, how are you today? I am good! I got to see my boys Rixton perform live again today. That was really fun! They are just an adorable bunch all four of them! I can't just choose one for them for my mcm, so all for of them are my mcm this Monday. Love you Rixton! LOL.

Their pop up gig was at this Bistro at Kungsgatan in Stockholm. If you wanted to sit down during their performance you had to order something off the menu but I wasn't really hungry. Plus, like I can't eat and enjoy their performance at the same time. I mean I want to take pictures and film a little bit. And somehow I am going to squeeze in eating lunch their. Plus today's lunch cost 125 kr, plus it was meat and I don't eat that. Ewww (I don't like the taste)! LOL, so instead I just stood by the bar and enjoyed them. I met two of the girls that I met yesterday so we hung today as well. I met some other people that I know, that was fun.


OMG! During their soundcheck they sang their cover of Drake's Hold On We're Going Home. I'll post that tomorrow because the file is so big that it will take too long to upload on youtube and I don't fee like staying up that long. Jake was so cute. He was like, this is just a soundcheck and it will sound much better later when it's live. Then he continued, I mean this was live…. whatever. Hahahaha, cutest kid ever! Too bad I didn't film that part. *sad face emoji*

They spoke a little Swedish. They did that a little bit yesterday was well. Jake is so cute. He apologizes for the little Swedish they do know and claim that they barley speak any English. LOL. I thought that you were British? Hahahaha.

I just kind of had to post this one… I mean look at Jake's face. So cute!

Jake talking to the people at the bistro :)

I hope that I get to see them very soon again. They seem to love Sweden very much so one can only hope. I know some people who have contacts at Universal Music. I'll ask them. Hahaha.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. I'll make a post of all of the RIX FM videos when I have uploaded them on youtube. Okay?


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