Fashion Friday: Homecoming Dresses

Hi guys! How are you? So like this morning I saw this post in Swedish Directioners where a girl asked about advice on what to wear for her homecoming dance (she lives in the US, we don't have homecoming in Sweden - too bad because it seems really fun) so I commented a link to Sherri Hill which has crazy beautiful dresses for prom and homecoming or for just whenever you want to dress in insanely beautiful dress. LOL. Hahahaha. Anyway that got me think that I should do a Fashion Friday post on homecoming dresses. Just post pictures of my faves. LOL. So I will do that.

All the dresses that I have chosen are from Sherri Hill. I chose six because I couldn't narrow it down to just five. They're all so freaking beautiful. I hope that you like my picks. Which one is your fave? If you have any tips on where to get a beautiful homecoming dress feel free to comment or tweet me (I'll RT you) at @erikaworld.

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your writer, Erika


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