The Girl In The Pink Coat

Hi guys, how are you tonight? I am good. I got to be an extra in a sketch for Partaj today. It was fun. BTW season 7 of Partaj premieres on Kanal 5 next Sunday, September 21st at 9 PM. So watch it. I don't know when this sketch will air though. Just watch anyway because it's a good show. I posted a few pictures from today's shoot on instagram. Check them out here.

My mind is a little scattered tonight so I don't really know what to say tonight. But I want to show you guys this fabulous coat that I saw the other day in a TV commercial for ellos. I haven't bought anything from ellos in several years but this coat though, I want it bad. Hopefully it looks as fabulous in real life as it does on my computer screen.

your writer, Erika


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