Hi guys! How are you? Have you updated to iOS8 yet? I haven't. I don't have enough storage on my phone to do so. But I figured since I have about 10,6 GB of pictures I can start to delete some. LOL. For those of you wondering (probably no one but I am going to tell you anyway) that it is 4 368 pictures. I have no idea why I have that many. Well that's an assignment for tomorrow. Hahahaha.

OMG! I almost had a heart attack earlier. I have to tell you about this. So this morning my mom and I was doing laundry at the laundry facility where we live. My mom had booked all four machines so we had the the whole laundry room for ourselves. When we were done I checked the washing machines the and the dryers just to be sure that I had not forgot anything. The later my feet were really cold so I was looking for these special pair of socks that I have. I have two pairs of them and I could only find one of the pairs but I really didn't think much of it at the time. Hours past. I had dinner, watched TV and all that (hahahaha). The a couple of hours ago before I decided to watch a movie. My feet were really cold so I decided that get my other pair of those special socks. Again, I couldn't find them. Then all of the sudden I was like "Where is my UCLA sweatshirt?" Couldn't find. Immediately panicked! Because then it struck me that, we had forgotten some laundry at the laundry room! No! It was more or less all my clothes! Gah! So I went down there and fortunately someone was there and all the laundry that we had forgotten was left! Pew!

But then when I as leaving the little badge that you need to get through the first door was gone. I had dropped it somewhere and I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere, I checked my pockets, the clothes - EVERYWHERE. I know that I dropped it right before I went inside but I picked it up but, where was it now? I was like tired of that shit so I decided to just be done with it for today and look after it tomorrow instead. I wanted to relax and watch a movie. I don't know but I was washing my hands and looked at my back pockets (I never but anything in my back pockets because it's annoying to have stuff there). It just looked curled up, idk. But I felt the pocket and there was the little badge. DAFAQ! IT WAS IN MY FREAKING BACK POCKET! First I was freaking out because of my clothes, which were unharmed, then I freaked out again because I couldn't find the freaking badge which was in my back pocket. I don't know why I put it they. I just have done it unconsciously. SMH.

your writer, Erika


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