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Hi guys! I have been reading through some of my notebooks today and I gotta say some of that shit is hilarious and some is just like awwww. But I think that I feel more that way because I wrote it so I have the emotional connection and know what I actually meant by some things. Like I had write something about a "maniac in a tie". I was like baffled. I don't recall any maniac in a tie and then it it me. I laughed so hard! LOL. I am gonna read some more and see if I find anything worth sharing. I used to write a lot  of (what I then called) pomes and song lyrics when I was like eight. I had this little notebook for the song lyrics. I know that I have that notebook somewhere but I am not sharing it with you bceuas ethat stuff is so bad, OMG but I was eight. Like can you blame me, no. Well it's not like anything that I write now it Grammy Award winning or like Pulitzer or Nobel worthy. Hahahaha no. Maybe someday.

LOL I just remembered that I said a couple of days ago that I was gonna do a FOREVER21 fashion post. I had totally forgot about that. Tomorrow? 'Cause it's to late for that now. Plus I'd like to be in bed before 1 AM. I have no idea why but lately I have been going to bed at around 1 AM. Hahaha. Well I guess better get ready now if I want that to happen. LOL. Goodnight, sleep tight!

your writer, Erika


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