RIX FM Festival 2014

YOLO guys! Hello everyone! How are you today? I am great! Today have been awesome! So amazing. Amazeballs! The acting workshop was really fun and helpful. Just amazing! Today was all about how to build a character. I got some helpful tips. But I do need more of this. I really do! Awww! I need this I want this.

Yeah, I mean the acting workshop was really fun but not's not the greatest part of the day! RIX FM Festival! I had to much fun! I got to meet Rixton, Kim Cesarion, Ace Wilder and Darin. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet Ella. Well, well. I have met her twice before! I got to meet Rixton three times today! Oh yeah! As I told you yesterday, they had a signing and I went back in line twice so that I could meet them again! LOL. I wasn't really gonna do it the first time. I met these girls in line - who I hung out with during the concert - after I had gotten my CD signed they were like, come back in line and hang with us and you can meet them again. So I just went back a second time. And then I was like "What the heck?" and went back a third time. YOLO, right? I last time I took series whit all of them, except for Danny. BUT, I did get a selfie with Danny when they walked from the tent where they and the signing. He was so sweet! I asked for a picture and he was like, of course. Then afterwards I thank him and he was like, no problem. AWWWW! They were all super sweet! I gotta say one thing though, DAYUM THOSE MEN ARE FUCKING HOT! If you think that they are good looking in pictures, wait in until you see them face to face! OMG!

Pre-signing selfie






My close up selfie with Danny

I am so framing this!!!

I have this one folded up inside the cd case!

Soundcheck time!

After I Rixton's soundcheck I went to the side of the stage where all of the artist walk in and out of the stage area. I met Kim Cesarion there, Darin and Ace Wilder. Not all at the same time but I met time. When I met Ace, she was just walking to get inside and I saw her so I just said "Hello" and she said it back. Then I asked for a picture, and she was so sweet so I got a picture with her. Awesome! When Darin came, I just took a picture with because one of the girls that I met in the line for the Rixton signing is a big Darin fan. So just wanted to take a picture with him for her. When I showed her, she was like "I knew I should have given you my number!"

Ace Wilder


The lovely Kim Cesarion (aka the man with eargasam voice)

Zara larsson during her signing

It was a really fun day! The performances were amazing! I left after Kim Cesarian, because I only wanted to see Ella, Kim, Zara and Rixton. but after Kim there were like two artist left and I don't really listen to them. Not they're not talented but, anyway. I took a bunch of pictures and filmed quite a bit so I had to delete every now and then because my camera roll kept getting full. LOL. Now I have to delete some more because Rixton are having a small gig tomorrow and I need a bund of space in my camera roll for that.

Kim Cesarion on stage

Rixton rocking the stage

Zara Larsson

your writer, Erika

.p.s. Videos coming tomorrow :) <3 p="">


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